About us

Electric Cycle Studio is a locally owned indoor cycling boutique providing high energy spin classes to beginners and cycling enthusiasts alike where the experience is everything. 

 Electric Cycle studio brings a dynamic, transformative and community-minded approach to each and every ride.

Our Values

Just Clip In – Half the battle is showing up.  Just clip in to let the music and movement do the rest.  You will get what you need today, here and now. 

Work the Whole Body – It may look like a leg focused cardio workout, but we believe it’s so much more than that.  From arm weights to mental fortitude, your mind, body and soul will be energized, connected, and well taken care of.  

Electric Energy – Our spin on indoor cycling classes is only the beginning.  With every hill climbed and every flat road enjoyed, we work together to create that energy that’ll power you forward.

Ride With The Pack – We cycle in packs – nobody is left on their own.  We welcome all fitness levels, music tastes, genders, and competitive spirits into our studio.  Classes are dynamic, inclusive, and most of all, exciting.