Hi, my name is Sarah Tuohy, but you can call me 2E! I spend my days working in college athletics but get just as much enjoyment out of watching people crush their fitness goals through spin. The dark room, loud music, and electric vibes are the perfect way to start or end a busy day. I started my fitness instructing journey as a hot yoga instructor, became a certified personal trainer, and now spend most of my time inspiring fitness on a bike. Optimizing human performance (both physical and mental) is important to me, and my goal is to help everyone around me become a healthier version of themselves. When you take my class, you can tell I spend my days around coaches and athletes—I will motivate you! I hope you leave feeling empowered and ready to take on any challenge that comes your way. When I am not on a bike you can find me working on finishing my PhD in Performance Psychology, on a golf course, or cooking some delicious homemade vegan food. So, what are you waiting for…book that bike!