Miguel Rios

Hi all, this is Miguel! In my class you can expect heavy climbs, twerking, a good self care time, and CHALLENGING FUN. I am all about taking care of you through an experience on a bike that literally goes nowhere, but wherever you guide it to go. I love riding like I live my life: passion, heart, and lots of love. In class, we will leave our legacy behind, our effort, hard work, and what no longer serves us. I am all about finding acceptance to generate the change that we need. If you’re looking for gears and speed, I got you. I have quite the adventurous background with fitness and the healing arts. I love a very active lifestyle. I have participated in sports, Zumba, Dance, Running, Boot Camp, CrossFit, Cycle-Spin, TRX, and Yoga. I am SO passionate a cycle, I found it after my injury from running. Cycle for me is dated to about 6 years ago. It’s been a tremendous self development journey. Cycle is more than just the bike to me. I love a good beat and a heavy drop. I find joy in growing BODY positivity and educating mauled and others that fitness looks and is experienced differently by everyBODY. I am a therapist by day and love creating relationships with all of you, can’t wait to meet you. My best friends may tell you that I love fun, smiles, bad bunny, and lots of caffeine. Fun fact: I love traveling, caffeine, balloon decorating, and supporting others. Can’t wait to meet you!!!!!!